Source code for qdrant_client.uploader.uploader

from abc import ABC
from itertools import count, islice
from typing import Any, Dict, Generator, Iterable, List, Optional, Union

import numpy as np

from qdrant_client.conversions import common_types as types
from qdrant_client.conversions.common_types import Record
from qdrant_client.http.models import ExtendedPointId
from qdrant_client.parallel_processor import Worker

[docs]def iter_batch(iterable: Union[Iterable, Generator], size: int) -> Iterable: """ >>> list(iter_batch([1,2,3,4,5], 3)) [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5]] """ source_iter = iter(iterable) while source_iter: b = list(islice(source_iter, size)) if len(b) == 0: break yield b
[docs]class BaseUploader(Worker, ABC):
[docs] @classmethod def iterate_records_batches( cls, records: Iterable[Union[Record, types.PointStruct]], batch_size: int, ) -> Iterable: record_batches = iter_batch(records, batch_size) for record_batch in record_batches: ids_batch, vectors_batch, payload_batch = [], [], [] for record in record_batch: ids_batch.append( vectors_batch.append(record.vector) payload_batch.append(record.payload) yield ids_batch, vectors_batch, payload_batch
[docs] @classmethod def iterate_batches( cls, vectors: Union[ Dict[str, types.NumpyArray], types.NumpyArray, Iterable[types.VectorStruct] ], payload: Optional[Iterable[dict]], ids: Optional[Iterable[ExtendedPointId]], batch_size: int, ) -> Iterable: if ids is None: ids_batches: Iterable = (None for _ in count()) else: ids_batches = iter_batch(ids, batch_size) if payload is None: payload_batches: Iterable = (None for _ in count()) else: payload_batches = iter_batch(payload, batch_size) if isinstance(vectors, np.ndarray): vector_batches: Iterable[Any] = cls._vector_batches_from_numpy(vectors, batch_size) elif isinstance(vectors, dict) and any( isinstance(value, np.ndarray) for value in vectors.values() ): vector_batches = cls._vector_batches_from_numpy_named_vectors(vectors, batch_size) else: vector_batches = iter_batch(vectors, batch_size) yield from zip(ids_batches, vector_batches, payload_batches)
@staticmethod def _vector_batches_from_numpy(vectors: types.NumpyArray, batch_size: int) -> Iterable[float]: for i in range(0, vectors.shape[0], batch_size): yield vectors[i : i + batch_size].tolist() @staticmethod def _vector_batches_from_numpy_named_vectors( vectors: Dict[str, types.NumpyArray], batch_size: int ) -> Iterable[Dict[str, List[float]]]: assert ( len(set([arr.shape[0] for arr in vectors.values()])) == 1 ), "Each named vector should have the same number of vectors" num_vectors = next(iter(vectors.values())).shape[0] # Convert Dict[str, np.ndarray] to Generator(Dict[str, List[float]]) vector_batches = ( {name: vectors[name][i].tolist() for name in vectors.keys()} for i in range(num_vectors) ) yield from iter_batch(vector_batches, batch_size)


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