qdrant_client.local.persistence module

class CollectionPersistence(location: str, force_disable_check_same_thread: bool = False)[source]

Bases: object

close() None[source]
delete(point_id: Union[int[int], str[str]]) None[source]

Delete a point from the local storage. :param point_id: id of the point to delete

classmethod encode_key(key: Union[int[int], str[str]]) str[source]
load() Iterable[PointStruct][source]

Load a point from the local storage. :returns: point – loaded point

persist(point: PointStruct) None[source]

Persist a point in the local storage. :param point: point to persist

CHECK_SAME_THREAD: Optional[bool] = None
test_persistence() None[source]
try_migrate_to_sqlite(location: str) None[source]


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